GW2: Character Mugshots

Yes, it is entirely possible to have an alt problem before the game even launches.


Guild Wars 2: Will you be looking for a home?

Since I’ve seen several people on Twitter talk about playing GW2, but express mild concern about finding a good server/guild, I thought that now would be a good time to speak up.

Myself and several friends from Earthen Ring will be setting up shop on Tarnished Coast. I will be GMing an RPing guild there, and all RP-interested folk are more than welcome to join us. Even if you’re not into RP, you’re more than welcome to join us on the server–although guesting will, of  course, allow visitors from other servers if all you want is a leveling buddy.

Echoing Howls will be a relatively casual “band of adventurers” guild, led by a charismatic Norn ranger and open to all races. I hope to push RP events on the server (player run taverns, etc etc), as well as just “do a bunch of stuff together”. WoW ruined my ability to play a game by myself, I swear.

If you’re interested, feel free to poke us over here and join us on the forums where we’re posting character concepts and doing some pre-launch RP. You can just slap “Amber I’m following you here from your blog post” in the recruitment form if you want–don’t worry about the IC stuff at this point.

ETA: Also, having us just be one guild of many is also fine! That is the wonder of the GW2 guild system, after all.