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Rikvi, Norn necromancer and Raven shaman

Rikvi Rikvi2
Rikvi is usually thought of as “quiet” and “odd”.  She is actually a brilliant scholar–and both her quietness and her awkward behavior are the result of her mind usually being quite occupied elsewhere.  After an avalanche destroyed the Raven Shrine she used to tend, she has taken to researching for the Durmand Priory. When she isn’t with speaking to the dead or tearing holes in the fabric of time and space so that she can put them back together again, she is a seasoned veteran of the fighting in the Mists, where she excels at making a lot of people feel really lousy and then die.

Appearance Notes: Rikvi is a very large woman, even for a Norn. She looms over most people, and is broad as well as tall.

Chosen Weapon: Staff


Imke, young human engineer


 Imke is a former street  rat turned Journeywoman Engineer; after she got caught stealing parts from a gunsmith, he decided to give her a chance as an apprentice. You can take the girl off the streets but you can’t take the streets out of the girl, and at first glance she’s still a gruff spoken, distrusting, often rude young lass of almost 20.

Imke is a skilled gunsmith and utterly brilliant with clockwork. When not assisting her beloved mentor with his projects she’s makes clockwork toys.

Preferred armor: Long sweepy leather coats in black/dark grey, often with small, colorful accents.

Preferred weapon: Rifle, or sometimes double pistols



She’s a sweet, kindly woman skilled in healing and always turning up at a crisis to lend a hand.

Oh, and she’s also a spy for a secret organization. Although a Noble born and bred, she was raised out in the country when her parents tried to escape the sometimes deadly politics at home. As an adult, whoever, Ambrosine has plunged right back into said politics with both feet, determined to correct the corruption her parents ran from.

Preferred armor: Simple, functional scale, kthx.

Preferred weapon:  Staff (which is what that weird crystal thing in the pic is, but ANY staff will do), great sword, 2-h hammer of great smacking

Tove, Norn ranger and skaald.


Tove is a clever, cheerful norn ranger. A follower of Wolf above all other Sprits, she believes in teamwork and makes friends easily and with glee. She is also fond to rushing into sticky situations headfirst and with little to no forethought, then shooting her way out of whatever trouble she gets into.

As a skaald she has a wide body of work, everything from parables of Wolf, wildly exaggerated stories of her own exploits, to very naughty and suggestive songs. For some reason people mostly know her for the latter!

Preferred Armor: Leather, often sweepy, but just as skin baring as shown. A Wolf motif is common.

Preferred Weapon: Longbow, sword/dagger

Appearance Notes: Her tattoos are simple stripes (vertical on torso, which you c an sort of see, and horizontal on her limbs, which you can just baaarely see on the arm). She actually has far more stripes than are visible, with the pattern extending much further.

Aelmina (Mina)


Mina’s a strong minded young woman. Although outwardly quite child-like (see the very goofy backpack she carries) she’s taken care to hone her skills as an elementalist. Water and Air are her chosen elements–she likes healing people with Water, and there’s a certain…excitement to tossing lightning around.

Technically a run away, Mina rejected the boring life of a merchant’s daughter for a life of adventure.There’s sights to see and band guys to kill!

Preferred Armor: Cloth, sometimes reasonable but sometimes more skin-baring, as shown. Depends on how rebellious she feels that day.

Preferred Weapon:  Staff, as shown (it’s a wave on top)


Esja Slyshot, Norn thief


Once a pirate, Esja had to give up that life after undead claimed her ship (and most of its crew). Now she’s a smuggler, operating a small storefront and selling everything from ill-gotten weapons to various forms of alcohol. She’s still very good with her shortbow, however, so crossing her isn’t recommended.

Preferred Armor: Leather, often in bright ass colors

Preferred Weapon: Shortbow, daggers, dagger/pistol

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