Being An Adult: The Actuality

Being an adult is basically doing a lot of things I wanted to do as a kid, without getting yelled at:

  • eating a pizza lunchable for dinner
  • or maybe cereal
  • …or spagettios!
  • only cleaning when guests are coming over
  • never taking clean laundry out of the hamper
  • never taking clean dishes out of the dish washer, either

…C’mon, I know I’m not alone here.

{5 Responses to “Being An Adult: The Actuality”}

  1. /Spaghetti-O-five

    (but not the ones with meatballs. Gross.)

    (and let us never speak of the ones with weenies)

  2. You are most definitely not alone.

    Yay for childish adulthood :)

  3. Never got into eating spaghetti-o’s, but all the others apply to me. Lulz.

    And hey, cereal for supper is amazing. >.>

  4. Wait, dishwashers aren’t made to be storage for clean dishes until they are empty again?


    oh well! ;-)

    I suppose keeping a bag of chocolate in my top desk drawer under the boring adult bills and such is bad too?

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