D3: Conversations (That You May Have Rather Missed)

If Kormac keeps going on about my barbarian’s “noble spirit burning within him” I *swear* he’s going to pop the question.

@Achloryn He wants some of that spirit burning within HIM, if you know what I mean.

@ILikeBubbles D:

@Achloryn Hey, you brought up the proposal. I just took it straight to the wedding night.

@Achloryn @ILikeBubbles Oh God no, no Diablo slash please :o

@ILikeBubbles @Achloryn And you guys wonder why I play female characters. It’s so that stuff DOESN’T HAPPEN, and Amber doesn’t get any ammo.

@PixelExecution @Achloryn Then I get just lesbian ammo…

@Achloryn @ILikeBubbles Plus, I know how companies do companion dialogue. At least my Templar got all bothered by the enchantress.

@Achloryn @ILikeBubbles Yours just wants you to bend him over a piano bench.

@PixelExecution @ILikeBubbles chokes on mtn dew

@SergioSirsay @ILikeBubbles @Achloryn @PixelExecution i love the templar. he is such a bro. come at me and all that

@rhuanious @SergioSirsay @ILikeBubbles @PixelExecution oh he’s DEFINITELY a bro. And if you play a male character? MAD BROMANCE


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  1. I don’t even know where I got the piano bench from. /helpless shrug

  2. /Unlimbers filking pen

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