I Think I Know You

Hey Blizzard?  I think you lost a pig model. It like, up and wandered out of Redridge or something and into my Diablo 3. You want it back?

Battle tag is AmberDrake#1483, by the way. Don’t be shy, even if you see my DH Rue up there in group with someone else (WindDrake). It’s just Cranky Tank, and he’s not that scary, I promise.

{5 Responses to “I Think I Know You”}

  1. They borrowed the spider model, too.

  2. I was trying to not look at that one too closely, haha.

  3. One of the legendary 2h swords, Warmonger is the exact same name and model of the WoW one as well. More proof that the three franchises are all interconnected or minor homage? You decide…

  4. Ohh I’ve been running with my raven when I use a pet…, usually I run with vault to get my butt out of sticky situations though!

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