And so I return, with a rant.

Reins. To steer a horse with, in theory.

Those are REINS. When someone hands over the control of something, they are handing over the REINS. Reins are used to steer/control a horse (in part, but let’s not go there). You “rein in” someone, or give them “free rein”. Kings and Queens REIGN as long as they are monarchs. Water falling from the sky is fucking RAIN and don’t you dare misuse that version because I just don’t even. This post has been brought to you by Amber’s Pet Peeves and the NaNoWriMo crazy train.


The Life of Lowbie Tanks

I started a second druid–same server, same faction, don’t ask–and have specced her as feral, because tank queues are amazing. As soon as she hit 15, I had bear form and despite my woeful lack of buttons, I said ALRIGHT.  LETS TANK US SOME DEADMINES.

It took me all of about 15 seconds to regret it.

The problem with baby bear tanks is that…they’re rage based. Rage based, with very few buttons, and at level 15 everyone seems to think that letting the tank hit things first is completely optional. This means you spend most of your time chasing around mobs that are chasing around DPS, and there is dick all you can do about it.

You want to know why some lowbie druids tank in cat form?  THAT’S WHY. I tried asking the group to let me snag stuff first, but “lol it’s deadmines” was the only response to that.

Well then.

I sucked it up and waited 10 minutes to instance as DPS until I was a high enough level to get swipe. I love you, swipe. I also abuse the talent where I get rage for shifting, and bounce in and our of bear form before pulls so that I can, you know, hit things.

Rage is just a lousy mechanic when you’re a lowbie tank.

Why is it hard to let the tank hit things first, people? C’mon. Please remove your asshat when entertain an instance…