Whoa, hey, what?

Things going on in the life of Amber:

  • More Guild Wars 2. (all the alts, forever)
  • Feeling like an utter failure as an adult (my job is meh but I don’t see anything better than I qualify for; house hunting may be postponed AGAIN)
  • WRITANS (novel number 3, draft 2–the other two novels have been tossed into a drawer because…reasons)
  • More feeling like a failure as an adult (QQ, I turn 29 in March, shouldn’t I have accomplished something by now?)
  • Being weirded out by the fact that I turn 29 soon
  • seriously, what the fuck is with the passage of time, I don’t understand

What I’ve Been Up To

…Guild Wars, for the most part. I formally gave up WoW, having hit a wall of No Fucks Given burn-out that’s not exactly surprising after 7 straight years. It was not a bitter parting in the slightest.

My little RP guild shrank a good bit when Pandaland hit, and has yet to recover. I’m a little unsure how to fix this, as all my previous guild recruitment experience was for a raiding guild in WoW, not an RP guild. Still, we’re rolling along.

For awhile my husband was playing with me, but he’s now pretty wrapped up in Eve. And now Halo 4 came out. Yep.

My alt problem definitely persists.

Ranger: 80
Engineer: 48 (stalled due to husband distraction)
Mesmer: 40 (when did Mesmers get fun? omg)
Guardian: 17 (stalled due to husband distraction)
Elementalist: 10 (I got distracted by mesmer, wtf)
Warrior: 2 (DISTRACTED)

I’m also participating in NaNoWriMo, same as I do every year. I’m all caught up even after a half-lazy weekend. I’m taking NaNo “seriously” in the sense that I am genuinely trying to create a first draft that will be worked into a “real” novel over time. I’ve departed from my normal epic-y fantasy into some…urban fantasy paranormal cop romance thing. I am of course completely loathing it right now, but that’s just how my brain works, I’m afraid.

Speaking of those words…I should get back to them…


And so I return, with a rant.

Reins. To steer a horse with, in theory.

Those are REINS. When someone hands over the control of something, they are handing over the REINS. Reins are used to steer/control a horse (in part, but let’s not go there). You “rein in” someone, or give them “free rein”. Kings and Queens REIGN as long as they are monarchs. Water falling from the sky is fucking RAIN and don’t you dare misuse that version because I just don’t even. This post has been brought to you by Amber’s Pet Peeves and the NaNoWriMo crazy train.


Being An Adult: The Actuality

Being an adult is basically doing a lot of things I wanted to do as a kid, without getting yelled at:

  • eating a pizza lunchable for dinner
  • or maybe cereal
  • …or spagettios!
  • only cleaning when guests are coming over
  • never taking clean laundry out of the hamper
  • never taking clean dishes out of the dish washer, either

…C’mon, I know I’m not alone here.


D&D Shennanigans

So we decided to scroll up in the D&D table chat and see how far it went. Well…in fact, the table goes all the way up to the FIRST TIME WE LOADED THE TABLE. Apparently when we were first exploring the awesomeness that is the official Wizards table, this is what we had to say:

orithea(Loranys Songsteel): ********* GUYS THERE’S A GIANT FINGER ATTACKING US
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): ********* that *********!
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): *********!
Achloryn(Lazan Silvershaper): *********
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): *********
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): It won’t let me say *********
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): I can’t make ********* jokes
orithea(Loranys Songsteel): asscherry
orithea(Loranys Songsteel): !!!!
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): cocknugget
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): bwahaha
orithea(Loranys Songsteel): *********canoe?
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): cunecanoe?
Achloryn(Lazan Silvershaper): *********
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): er
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): *********canoe
Achloryn(Lazan Silvershaper): *********
Achloryn(Lazan Silvershaper): ass
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): what the hell
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): *********
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): cocknugget
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): Strange.


D3: Conversations (That You May Have Rather Missed)

If Kormac keeps going on about my barbarian’s “noble spirit burning within him” I *swear* he’s going to pop the question.

@Achloryn He wants some of that spirit burning within HIM, if you know what I mean.

@ILikeBubbles D:

@Achloryn Hey, you brought up the proposal. I just took it straight to the wedding night.

@Achloryn @ILikeBubbles Oh God no, no Diablo slash please :o

@ILikeBubbles @Achloryn And you guys wonder why I play female characters. It’s so that stuff DOESN’T HAPPEN, and Amber doesn’t get any ammo.

@PixelExecution @Achloryn Then I get just lesbian ammo…

@Achloryn @ILikeBubbles Plus, I know how companies do companion dialogue. At least my Templar got all bothered by the enchantress.

@Achloryn @ILikeBubbles Yours just wants you to bend him over a piano bench.

@PixelExecution @ILikeBubbles chokes on mtn dew

@SergioSirsay @ILikeBubbles @Achloryn @PixelExecution i love the templar. he is such a bro. come at me and all that

@rhuanious @SergioSirsay @ILikeBubbles @PixelExecution oh he’s DEFINITELY a bro. And if you play a male character? MAD BROMANCE



I Think I Know You

Hey Blizzard?  I think you lost a pig model. It like, up and wandered out of Redridge or something and into my Diablo 3. You want it back?

Battle tag is AmberDrake#1483, by the way. Don’t be shy, even if you see my DH Rue up there in group with someone else (WindDrake). It’s just Cranky Tank, and he’s not that scary, I promise.


So we meet again.

You didn’t think I was done blogging, did you?  Oh no. Not by a long shot. I have entirely too much to say to fall silent now, my dears. Just instead of a World of Warcraft blog, you now have a…a random ass shit blog of nerdery and things. Yes.

So, I hope you enjoy. I’m sure there’ll be flowcharts. There must always be flowcharts.