Whoa, hey, what?

Things going on in the life of Amber:

  • More Guild Wars 2. (all the alts, forever)
  • Feeling like an utter failure as an adult (my job is meh but I don’t see anything better than I qualify for; house hunting may be postponed AGAIN)
  • WRITANS (novel number 3, draft 2–the other two novels have been tossed into a drawer because…reasons)
  • More feeling like a failure as an adult (QQ, I turn 29 in March, shouldn’t I have accomplished something by now?)
  • Being weirded out by the fact that I turn 29 soon
  • seriously, what the fuck is with the passage of time, I don’t understand

{2 Responses to “Whoa, hey, what?”}

  1. Hey, we’ve got lots of time left at 29! (At least we better. /is also 29)

  2. 29 isn’t so bad. Wait to see how you freak out at 30.
    Then again, it could be worse. It can always be worse.
    Say, you could be 36 and still reading video games blogs.
    Thanks for the update and good luck with the novel.


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