And so I return, with a rant.

Reins. To steer a horse with, in theory.

Those are REINS. When someone hands over the control of something, they are handing over the REINS. Reins are used to steer/control a horse (in part, but let’s not go there). You “rein in” someone, or give them “free rein”. Kings and Queens REIGN as long as they are monarchs. Water falling from the sky is fucking RAIN and don’t you dare misuse that version because I just don’t even. This post has been brought to you by Amber’s Pet Peeves and the NaNoWriMo crazy train.

{2 Responses to “And so I return, with a rant.”}

  1. I would like to ARRAIGN those who do not know the difference!

  2. But sometimes it’s legitimate!

    I mean, if you’ve got an evil king killing innocent peasants, you have a reign of blood.

    A blood magus using his art to control his horse has reins of blood.

    See what I mean?

    (After all, it’s not as though there all about making they’re words difficult to read on the page their.)


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