I was going to write a post, internet. Really I was. I thought I’d maybe run around the GW2 beta weekend event and maybe do something vaguely useful for the RP community and SHOW YOU ALL THE EMPTY HOUSES YAY.

And then there was a POP and my computer turned off and I was like, “Well.  FUCK.”

So instead, have rant about people not knowing where the fuck to place their registration stickers. Have you noticed how many people FAIL at that simple task?  I do, because I live near Chicago and Chicago equals shitty traffic. This means I sit there and stare at the car in front of me more often than I’d like, and I notice these things.

Look. In every state I’ve lived in, on every plate I’ve noticed, the registration sticker goes in the upper right hand corner. That is the only place it goes. When you get a new one, it goes on top of the old one (or better yet, you scrape the old one off, then stick it there). You do not stick it next to it. Or below it. Or in the middle of the plate. You CERTAINLY don’t start forming a LINE of them along the edges of the plate. And yes, I have seen that with my own eyes.

I don’t know about where YOU live, but in Illinois your sticker come with INSTRUCTIONS. Even if you have not managed to absorb the proper location of your sticker through simple observation, IT TELLS YOU.

The fuck, people?

Also, in the time it took me to write this, my husband the miracle worker has replaced the blown capacitor in my power supply. I knew there was a reason I married that man.

{2 Responses to “HERE HAVE SOME WORDS”}

  1. Yumyum, tasty rant post, just the way we like them.
    Thank you, you’re the Jenna Marbles of all ex-WoW Bloggers, the Gordon Ramsay of GW2 RP fans.
    Given that I’m not playing any of those games, I’ll vote for more rants, if possible. Or make a rant only blog.

  2. On the plate there is even an indention for you to put the sticker on. I’ve seen people do goofy things too

    But the masses are ignorant I don’t let it aggravate me.

    I thought you married Josh for his large penis?

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