D&D Shennanigans

So we decided to scroll up in the D&D table chat and see how far it went. Well…in fact, the table goes all the way up to the FIRST TIME WE LOADED THE TABLE. Apparently when we were first exploring the awesomeness that is the official Wizards table, this is what we had to say:

orithea(Loranys Songsteel): ********* GUYS THERE’S A GIANT FINGER ATTACKING US
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): ********* that *********!
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): *********!
Achloryn(Lazan Silvershaper): *********
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): *********
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): It won’t let me say *********
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): I can’t make ********* jokes
orithea(Loranys Songsteel): asscherry
orithea(Loranys Songsteel): !!!!
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): cocknugget
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): bwahaha
orithea(Loranys Songsteel): *********canoe?
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): cunecanoe?
Achloryn(Lazan Silvershaper): *********
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): er
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): *********canoe
Achloryn(Lazan Silvershaper): *********
Achloryn(Lazan Silvershaper): ass
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): what the hell
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): *********
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): cocknugget
Obsidian_Dragon(Kevara): Strange.

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